BlackBerry Bold – A Phone Packed With the Features to Meet the Expectations of the Generation!

The simplistic user interface backed with the sophisticated design and up to date features have earned the BlackBerry phones such an established place, that does not let the users look for any substitute. When it comes to the BlackBerry Bold, it stands up to every hatched expectation of the users worldwide. The beautiful screen of the phone, that comes in the resolutions of 480 x 320 pixels, covers almost the half of the front dimension. The second half is dominated by the full QWERTY keyboard that becomes immensely helpful, as it lets the users type the text at a faster speed. These two of the aspects combined, give the device a very graceful look. The navigations to the menus are facilitated by a the trackball navigation feature. Interestingly, one can adorn the home screen of the gadget as per the interest with the desired wallpapers.

The BlackBerry Bold promises a faster speed of web browsing with the supports from EDGE, GPRS and HSPDA. Then the supports of Bluetooth and high speed USB do not let it lag behind others as far as the connectivity is concerned. Furthermore, the availability of WiFi makes sure that every useful piece of information and updates get delivered to directly the mobile phone of a user while he or she is away from the desktop. As it allows completely wire free connectivity, it is very popular among the professionals and business people. The BlackBerry phones do not let the users feel that they are away from the computers, this effort of these useful gadgets seem to bear fruit today. Moving to the multimedia aspects of this phone, there are a good number non BlackBerry users who think that these devices are not competent to delver a nice quality in the multimedia features. But what the fact says that gadgets of this brand are capable enough to make users tap the toes with the every beat of the music produced. Coming to the imaging capacity of this phone, it is equipped with a 2 mega pixels camera that snaps the spontaneous moments of one’s life in a very well lit images. The quality of the pictures clicked, speak of their clarity and vividness. The videos recorded by this device can well be stored as the witness of of the happier moments of one’s life.

The BlackBerry Bold runs on the Blackberry operating system which promises a truly speedy performance. It is equipped with a 624 MHz processor that does not let it freeze or hang at almost any point of time. It supports all the basic needs of mobile phone user as it is backed with almost all the features of a standard mobile phone. The memory of the gadget combines an internal memory of 1GB with a RAM of 128MB and the external memory can be expanded by a trans flash memory card. The Bold is compatible with Java, and further preloaded with many a useful application and game. The gadget combines the A GPS support that is further strengthened by the BlackBerry Maps. Even further, the phone is preloaded with document viewer. Coming to the battery back up the device, the standard battery of the phone, makes it capable to give the talk time of up to 5 hours and the stand by time up to 310 hours.

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Binary Digital LED Watches – The Binary Watch Specialists

Watches are worn and loved by most people. These are not only used to make their lives timely and punctual but are also considered to be a symbol of fashion and style. Most of the people, especially men, wear just for the sake of showing off their elegance and style. There are many different types of watches that are available in the market these days, which are quite different from the ones that once used to be in the market. Now more latest and technology related watches have come into the market.

These watches have brought the computer technology in the market of the watches also. You can show your great sense of style and advancement with the help of these latest watches that are wonderful innovations in the watch industry. Not only the bracelets now, but most women also prefer wearing these watches as they give them more worth and respect as compared to other jewelry accessories.

Today you can find the latest watches such as the binary watches, led watches, binary led watches, binary digital watches and also the binary watches. All of these watches show an advancement of the technology which is captured whole of the market and so is the case with the watch market. You can easily impress others and inspire them with the help of your stylish and smart watches. These watches make you stand out and make you more prominent and noticeable figure in any gathering.

The binary watch is gaining more acceptance and popularity among the masses. It is especially designed for the computer lovers who always want to have the best in technology no matter what the thing is. Also, the led watch shows a great work of technology and these watches are brighter, having a great display. This is the reason of their fame and demand.

These watches, having the latest technology, are considered to be a status symbol. These watches are famous among those high class people who have great taste and style when it comes to fashion and carrying off themselves. These are the attention seekers and also succeed in getting it because of these beautifully crafted watches. Not only the displays of these watches such as the binary led watch are good but also the straps are really very amazing. They make you feel more confident about yourself, your personality and especially about your style. You can easily get these stylish and elegant watches from the stores and make yourself more prominent.

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What You Don’t Know About Computer Tech Support

With the large availability of online computer support services, you don’t need to rush to a computer repair shop every time you face trouble with your desktop or laptop. Also known as computer tech support, these services solve your PC errors and problems right away. Well! There are many other advantages of availing online computer services. Let’s take a look at them:

Everything at convenience of home: You get your computer repaired at the convenience of your home. Using remote desktop connection, the technicians diagnose your system and resolve the issues then and there. No matter where you live, you simply require the Internet connection. What? You don’t have the Internet at home. No problems. You still need not worry. There are many online computer technical support shop that offers you the required help over phone.

Round the Clock Availability: Being online, computer tech support services are 24×7 available. Unlike repair shops in vicinity of your home that keep you waiting for weeks to return your PC, online tech support helps you instantaneously. Indeed, there are some companies who send their technicians directly to your home or office and solve your computer problem right on the spot. Call them anytime; they are available all the time.

Cost Effective Rates: Online computer support is certainly a better and cheaper option than calling a technician at premises or taking your computer outside for repair. Such technicians charge on per hour basis. Contrary to this, you pay a fixed fee to online computer repair shops that even offer you a free rate policy. This means that you don’t need to pay if the issue has not been resolved.

Experts’ Care: Technicians offering remote computer support are experts in their field. They hold vast expertise and are professional. They hold the skills necessary for the successful implementation and troubleshoot nasty PC errors. You get your PC repaired under experts’ care. Moreover, you can consult them for any of your problems regarding computer and technology. Their goal is to reduce time-to-repair, and increase reliability and uptime.

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2014 A Great Year for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Some recent studies are predicting a bumper year in 2014 for MSPs. MarketsandMarkets forecast that the managed services market will grow by almost 80%, from $142.75 billion in 2013 to $256.05 billion in 2018 – and state that there is a “high demand” for managed services across every industry vertical. Forrester (News – Alert) predicts that managed services will grow at an annual rate of nearly 18 percent worldwide.

“Managed Services” can be a very misunderstood term, and there can be different perceptions of what it means, so what managed services are these studies referring to? According to the MarketsandMarkets study, the concept of managed services refers to areas within the following: Managed Data Center, Managed Network, Managed Information, Managed Mobility, Managed Infrastructure, Managed Communications, and Managed Security.

Based on these studies, there are 4 key drivers to the predicted growth:

1. Increased awareness of the market to the benefits of using MSPs (e.g. MarketstoMarkets study finds that companies that implement managed services will, on average, reduce their IT costs by 30 to 40%).

2. Improved pricing and offerings from MSPs, caused by maturation of the model, and also increased competition.

3. An increase in areas where companies seek managed services for – for example, there has been an increase in companies outsourcing wireless, communications and mobility areas, and this trend is set to continue.

4. The ‘rising tide’ of the expected growth in the economy.

If you are an MSP and you provide a good number of these services, this is all positive, but you might ask – which specific technology areas should you focus on? What segments should you be looking at? Here are 3 examples:

• BYOD will still trend: BYOD has grown strongly in the past few years. Gartner, Inc. predicts that there will be a doubling or tripling of personal devices in companies in 2014, due to mobile diversity and uptake. BYOD remains a tricky area for companies though, and they often need guidance from their MSP’s in addition to solution and service implementation. Many companies are also doing away with BYOD and instead issuing company mobile devices – and this also represents an area of opportunity for MSPs.

• The Cloud is still ‘Up There’: Growth in cloud systems and SaaS is generally expected to continue, and GigaOM Research predicts that the worldwide cloud market will grow by 126% this year. Logicalis predicts that nearly 80% of companies will pursue a private cloud strategy in 2014. The growth area within the cloud is expected to be with IaaS, where 122% growth is expected in 2014. Again, there can be different perceptions of what the Cloud is (e.g. Forbes recently reported that only 16% of people could adequately explain it), what the benefits are, and companies will lean on MSPs regarding, again, putting MSPs at a strategic level of discussion and consultation, which can only be positive.

• Security Needs Will Increase: Areas such as BYOD and Cloud do of course lead to tricky compliance and security concerns for companies. In one of our previous blog articles, we spoke of how 96% of companies in the UK acknowledge that they have insufficient IT security systems in place. There are plenty of stories that would give any CIO a headache about their security – most recently the SEA hacking of Microsoft’s blog and twitter accounts. So there is strong need in the market for strong solutions, advice, and services in this area. MSP’s that can significantly reduce this headache for CIOs will be in high demand.

The above areas are complex, and companies struggle to understand them properly, let alone understand what an appropriate solution would be. This also creates a challenge for MSPs to communicate a messaging that can be understood by the prospect company regarding these areas, to engage in the right kind of discussions, and adopt the most effective sales and marketing techniques and tactics with prospect companies. IT is at the heart of any solutions involving the above, and therefore MSPs really need to be at the heart of the strategic discussions within companies regarding these areas in order to provide the most value to their clients. MSP Partners and associations are providing training, resources, and material to MSP’s that provide superb guidance regarding sales and marketing approaches. In addition, specialised agencies that understand the go-to-market requirements in these solution areas can help MSPs to get in front of CIOs, and enable the kind of discussions that lead to a better outcome for all parties. I hope that indeed 2014 is a great year for all MSPs reading this – this market seems ready for it, and what’s more… the market NEEDS you.

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